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Friday, September 11, 2020


Here is a video of me reading this blog:

I open the door and take a gentle step outside. A warm breeze greets me at the threshold and guides me out onto my front steps. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, and making out the shadowy outlines of trees and bushes I also begin to take in the other senses. The perfume from mother earth makes its way into my nose, traveling back into my mind bringing me comfort and a slightly upturned mouth. I gaze far beyond into starlight, searching for my constellations and planets. The skin of my feet can feel the familiar pulse from the Earth below and my heart begins to calm to it’s rhythm. I sit down on the steps to listen to the nightime orchestra of crickets, bats, and other nocturnal creatures, their song like a lullaby to those who will listen. As my eyes adjust, I can make out the movements of nighttime bunnies, lizards, and other small scavengers all going about their own business. This is the world we all live in. This is the majority of how the planet opportates. A perfectly timed symbiotic relationship between all things that brings beauty and awe to the human eye. I look around to notice I am the only one here. I can see colorful lights from my neighbors TV flashing through their window. I can hear cars driving fast in the distance, racing to get to their destinations, seeing only the traffic lights and completely missing out on what the rest of their world is doing. 

As I refocus on the small patch of nature in front of me, I breathe in slowly wanting to take it all inside of myself; wanting it to take over my distracted mind, longing to fully be a part of it. Because in this moment as I am connecting to my Mother Earth, my home, my planet, my love- something becomes apparent to me. The crickets are singing, they have no idea about politics or what is happening in our government. The trees sway easily, they don’t know about viruses. The stars twinkle, they have not heard the conspiracies. It occurs to me that everything around me is healthy and thriving. The warm breeze brushes through my hair without a care in the world. Life on planet earth is doing what it has always done regardless of what the news reports. I close my eyes. I feel myself root down into the ground like the trees, stabilizing, forgetting about riots and debates. I let the song of the night fully encompass my thoughts as my worries dissolve into these sweet ancient songs- songs that lulled my ancestors to slumber. I take the moment into my breath, inhaling it as if it were my last and letting tears flow on the exhale, finally letting go what I’ve had to hold back all day. Nature does not judge these tears, no- the stars find their reflection in them making my face sparkle and glow. Like jewels sliding down my skin. The breeze softly dries, soothes, and wraps itself around my shoulders. I am embraced by all this planet has for me at that moment. This moment is simply happening because I am here and I am allowing it to. This is what Nature does, what it has always done. I am just engaging and letting myself fit in.

It is this love affair I find myself in that reminds me of the truth about my home. There is very little drama comparatively speaking. Drama that is induced only by a small percentage of the human race. For some reason we all watch this very small drama play out and in doing so we expand it, grow it, feed it, until it is inside of our minds and we become sick with it. We become sick because the drama tells us a lie. It tells us that it is the majority on the planet and that it is the only thing worth looking at. We are the only beings sick with this drama on our planet. The sickness distracts us from what is really going on. But if you walk away from it- easy enough you can just go outside wherever you are. And you really look around, and you really take it all in, you’ll see what I see every night. You’ll remember the truth, and perhaps over time you will reconnect to that truth. And then you will begin to act from that truth and the little drama full of lies will become less and less of a big deal because to you the song of the crickets will become bigger and the trees will become bigger, and the sky full of stars will become the biggest thing you see. The silence will become even bigger than that. There is more silence on this planet than there is violence. More quiet places where no drama is heard at all. There is more good in this world than there is evil. You can make a choice how much of your time the small drama is worth. This is the thing about being a human- we can choose.

My gaze returns to the sky, where the cosmos shines down filling my eyes with wonder. Every night we have an opportunity to see how very small we are in the Universe. We have a chance to see our problems in comparison to the rest of the galaxy. I take the opportunity to feel myself connect to the all encompassing sky, understanding that it would be impossible for me to take it all in, but acknowledging that I am an important part of a vast system that is operating perfectly. 

Every single star and planet, my gentle tilted planet included, are being led by a much greater force. I trust this force. I bow to it, humbly, gratefully, and happily. It is in this moment I begin to hear what the Universe whispers to all things that recognize their place within it. And I am no longer just a girl sitting on her front porch in the middle of the night. I blissfully dissolve into it all. 

Listen to the Universe. It’s always whispering messages. Everything is connected.

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