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Friday, September 4, 2020

Minding Your Mind


As it happens, many people complain about memory, fuzzy brain, unwanted thoughts, and being too easily distracted. You can contribute a lot to having an unclear mind. Diet, stress, lack of rest, lack of joy, and even the inability to delegate and prioritize. I believe that the mind intrinsically prefers to be peaceful. It runs better when we are calm. Whenever we feel unsettled or hazy, it is our mind attempting to help us think or behave in a more pleasant way. I have found two things that go on inside of the mind that lead to unclarity that I would like to help you discover. The misuse of the imagination process and overthinking in the wrong direction. Perhaps you are already realizing you do these things. Let me help you understand what might be happening inside of your mind that is making you feel crazy, ungrounded, and foggy.


An unclear mind is often due to the misuse of the imagination and overthinking in the wrong direction.

The Misuse of Your Imagination

In my book, “What Would Angels Do?” I write in Archangel Michael’s section “Worry is the misuse of your imagination.” We have this amazing ability to conjure visions in our mind. I believe this ability was given to us so that we could envision what we want. This ability allows us to conjure up images that portray a desire. When we can see the desire in our mind, we get excited and we begin to take necessary steps towards that vision. Without our own personal vision, we can get trapped aimlessly working towards somebody else's vision for us. Rarely do we ever feel good when that happens. So our ability to envision ourselves as happy, successful, healthy, and loved is important. Many times we can work out details and understand what is really important in our imagination. The processes of using our imagination leads us into a world of unlimited possibilities. That is so we can see beyond our current circumstances and be led into boundless opportunities and situations. Our imagination is directly related to our intuition and so it is absolutely possible that the hopeful visions we see in our minds are connected to the mind of God. Very often I receive Divine directions from God through daydreams and positive images I conjure up for myself and my family. 

However, if we don’t understand the function of our imagination, or how to properly utilize it, it will go on “automatic mode.” Automatic mode causes a lot of stressful thoughts to happen and if we are on auto too long those stressful thoughts become like a mind hurricane. Much like a wild horse without a bridle, your undisciplined mind will take you places you may not want to go. Visions become worries and fears as it runs unhinged. Because we are programmed to believe in our visions so that we will reach new heights, unfortunately we also believe the darker unruly images when we are in automatic mode. That is why you can have crazy irrational fears that control you and keep you from moving forward. It is so important that we understand what is happening when fearful visions enter our mind. It is an indication that our mind is out of control and it is asking us to reign it back in. The worry that causes your brain to become foggy and slow is a sign that you need to reprocess the mind back to a positive, healthy, happy vision. We have to take it out of automatic and begin to consciously use our imagination in the way it was intended. 

Your body and emotions will tell you when your imagination is in automatic mode. Your heart rate will increase, your face will become sour, and you will start to feel scared. All of these are signs that your body and heart are telling you that your mind is running on automatic and it needs you to immediately envision something happier. Once you begin to consciously and deliberately use your imagination for the purpose it was intended, you will see it run on automatic less and less. You’ll feel like you have a better hold on where it’s going and what images you see. Once you are envisioning positivity again, you will feel your intuition kick in and feel more connected to God and Goddess. This is the best way to utilize your amazing gift of imagining! 

Your imagination is your superpower. Don’t let your imagination be hijacked by others' fear based images. When you are scrolling through a newsfeed or listening to other people being negative, fear based, and stressed out, what you are really seeing is how that person has been misusing their imagination to conjure up the worst case scenarios. A lot of people use worst case scenarios as a self preservation tactic. They think that if they can imagine the worst, they will somehow be prepared for it. And because they care about you, they try to give you their visions so that you too can be freaked out and prepare. But the truth is that 99% of the worst case scenarios we envision never come to pass. All it does is stress you out, fog up your mind, disconnect you from your own intuition, and it is a sign that the imagination has been in auto mode and is running rampant. If you can recognize this, you won’t let your imagination follow anyone down a doomsday path. If you want true Divine guidance in life, stay in charge of what images you choose to see in your mind. With your intuition intact, you will know what to do at all times.

Overthinking In The Wrong Direction

Overthinking is actually an indication that you are focusing too much in the wrong direction. Just like the mind can go into auto mode with the images it conjures up in your mind, it can also run off into a direction that is unproductive and wasteful. If you feel like your mind is on a merry go round and you can’t get off, it’s because the thoughts you are thinking aren’t getting you anywhere. The direction you are trying to take your mind is spinning you back to the place you were when you started thinking about it to try to get you back on track. Imagine your mind is a GPS system and you want to get to a certain destination. Every time you go in the wrong direction, the GPS will reroute you back to the place you got off track. So obsessive thoughts are a sign you are mentally going in the wrong direction and it is time to release those thoughts and redirect yourself to something that feels better. Remember if you feel lost, instead of wandering aimlessly through scenarios, just ask God and Goddess for help. Be still, focus on happier areas of your life, and directions will come. 

I think the easiest way to keep the mind clear is to simply stop yourself and ask- “Are these ugly thoughts or beautiful thoughts?” Beauty is the opposite of a messy mind. Purposely envisioning and thinking about something beautiful will turn your mind around so that it is heading in the right direction. I feel like this is the simplest way to help your mind recalibrate, clear, and revamp.

Right now, you can use your imagination properly and take your mind in the right direction by thinking about things that calm you down. Imagine making a beautiful meal, holding a bouquet of flowers, buying a perfect outfit, sitting in a clean, organized, lovely home, planting something, writing a meaningful poem, a piece of music, think about the sky in your favorite weather, think of someone you love or a pet, imagine the last funny joke you heard, or the last time you felt truly free. Think about your favorite book, movie, song- and imagine how they make you feel. Imagine yourself radiant, happy, peaceful, and enjoying life. What are your happiest thoughts?

You yourself are a work of art- when you notice your own inner beauty your mind will turn in the right direction. If you don’t know what to create, look in the mirror and smile. That is a beautiful creation. Appreciating how far you’ve come and imagining the fun you will have becoming even more… that is definitely taking you in a better direction and is very clearing to the mind. 

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