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Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Thoughts on Abundance

When I ask people what their definition of abundance is, I receive a myriad of different definitions,  The idea of being abundant is personal, and means something different to everyone.  But simply put, I’d define abundance as the “cup runneth over” feeling.  Whether that means a house full of kids, a fat check, more opportunities, happy relationships, it seems that abundance is something we’re all after.  It seems that one similar theme that many feel is that abundance is something we get “after.”  After we’ve written that best seller, worked a business into a million dollar deal, raised the kids and retired, hit the lottery, fallen in love, etc.  But what I’m learning is that we may have it backwards.  Part of our ability to feel satisfied is to extract more pleasure from the things that are right in front of us. Perhaps if we convince ourselves that everything we want are things we already have, our cups will runneth over right now.  After all, if we continue to wait until circumstances are right to feel abundant, it may always elude us.  Here are some ways to fill your cup and feel abundant right now.
1.       Make a gratitude journal that you write in every day.  Not only write what you are grateful for, but WHY.  Spend time looking at all you have now, and remember what you have done to attain it
2.       When you lay in bed at night, review your day as if it were the best day of your life, regardless of what happened.  Review your accomplishments.  Think about what did work out.  Use this time to chase away the negative attitude that may have developed during the day and it will add a sense of fullness and satisfaction. 
3.       Think about a time when you felt like life was really going your way, and things felt abundant.  Remember that thing you really wanted and got?  The person you really wanted to meet and did?  Perhaps a beloved perfume or piece of furniture you acquired after wanting it.  How often have you enjoyed that moment or that thing since you attained it?  Appreciate the things you have received, appreciate all you have right now.  See?  You really are abundant now!

For more information on how you can feel abundant and grateful, and how to connect closer to your angels, visit my website, Crystal Doty