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Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Gift

2017 has been heavy on my mind this past week. Not just because I’ve been talking about it to clients who are eager to hear how their future is shaping up, but mostly because I’m feeling something stir within me. Numeralogically,  2016 is considered a “9” year which means it was a year of completion, goodbyes, and letting go. As we enter the last month of this completion year, I am certain that I am not the only one who is feeling a definite close to the past. From what I know about completion years is that a lot of emotions can arise so please be easy on yourself as you are finally stepping out of this chapter of your life. Perhaps you are feeling a sense of urgency to finish up projects and wrap up your plans. Perhaps you are feeling a sense of nostalgia as your mind gives you a curtain call of memories to appreciate and let go of. It can also be common for past hurts, troubles, and issues to rise but keep in mind that these things are only coming to light because they need to be dealt with and put to a final rest. I know that for me, saying goodbye to the past has never felt sweeter. But that is because I know what awaits me behind door number 2017. 
If you are someone who is really ready for change, you can capitalize on the energy surrounding December and lighten your load by getting rid of what doesn’t belong anymore. The entire universe is supporting you to take an honest look at whom you are surrounding yourself with, what your plans and goals are, and to sift through your life, pick out what you want to take with you into the next year, and trash whatever doesn’t fit anymore.  With all of this being said, I’ve been thinking about what to give to you as the year comes to a close and you make your transition from completion to the new beginnings that await you in 2017. What I came up with was a yummy little care package of advice that I believe will work magic in your life if you accept.
Your goodie bag consists of “CANDY.”  I came up with this fun little acronym to help you remember some things throughout the month. Picture a little cellophane bag with confetti, ribbon and sweets inside, ready for you to happily indulge in. Except these sweets have no calories and guilt attached. They are pure, positive, helpful tips to bring you out of negativity and into a really delicious new life! 2017 will taste so scrumptious when you keep these little nuggets in your belly, mind, and heart. So here they are:
C-CLARITY. Come on, you knew this would have to be the first sweet if it’s coming from me! I truly believe that at the end of the day, clarity is the one thing that will empower us and drive us forward into our best lives. When people come to me for readings, it is because they are feeling like they are in the dark about something. Whether it be their relationship, financial situation, health, or kids- you come to me because you are searching for answers and understanding. Clarity is the most powerful thing you can give yourself. It requires that you take time to contemplate your fears, worries, and doubts. It requires that you ask yourself hard questions, or admitting deep seated anxieties that might be inhibiting your answers. First and foremost this month, I urge you to write down the areas of your life in which you feel clouded. Dig into your uncertainties. I know it’s uncomfortable to feel the hunger of lack of knowledge and comprehension. But you have to be willing to ask the questions if you want to get the clarity. Clarity will come from shedding light on those uncomfortable dark places and  it is beyond satisfying. In fact, I dare say it’s better than chocolate!
A-ASK. There are so many things that God and then angels want to give to you. God is always trying to give you a better life, more love, more wealth, more joy, more more more. God is an ever flowing source of abundance! But in our humanness and free will, we limit His wish for us to live a truly abundant life. We spend all of our time afraid to ask for anything and when we do, it’s usually something meek and limited like, “God just please help me get through this week” or “God, I just need to pay my rent.” We forget who we are talking to. GOD- creator of the cosmos, who knows every strand of hair on your head, can do so much more! YOU- who are created in His image, His child, His perfection can so easily forget who you are. Be bold, be brave, and ask for miracles. Ask for full recoveries. Ask for the love of your life, for a big raise, for anything and everything you can think of. Because if you’re thinking it, and you desire it, that means that God is okay with you having it. Trust that your healthy thoughts, ideas, and desires are being put into your heart by Him so that you’ll ASK already! It feels empowering to just straight up ask for what you want- to finally admit the deep desires of your soul. It’s sweeter than cotton candy, my friends! Liberate your dreams, put them into His hands, and watch your life unfold in the juiciest ways!
N-NO PROCRASTINATING. As I said, it’s the last month of a completion year. There is no more time to sit on your laurels. You’ve run out of excuses, you’ve run out the clock. Now you had better get to work! Okay, so this was the exact talk I gave myself the other morning as I was hesitating on my writing. Never before in my life have I personally been up against such a procrastination wall as I have been this past couple of months. My own fears have been anchoring me and so I understand if you are going through a similar issue. But here’s the deal. We just can’t afford to stay stuck, to be inactive, and to hermit ourselves in bed in a pink fuzzy robe binging on Gilmore Girls. (Again, obviously more self-coaching here, and that reference to my robe is for all my Snapchat viewers!) The anxiety that comes from procrastinating while feeling the pull to complete things is such an ugly feeling. You know what feels better? Standing up to the laziness and doing it anyway. Trust me; there isn’t enough chocolate covered liquor that can make you feel as satisfied as overcoming stagnation.
D-DAILY GOALS. This right here is probably the most important thing to do starting TODAY, December 1st (or whenever you happen to read this) and I think it will help with the subject in the last paragraph. Just for this month, ditch your 5 year plan, your broad spectrum vision board, and get minuscule. Get detailed. Make a commitment to create a list for yourself every single morning of this month and check it off as the day progresses. I’ll tell you one thing; lists have saved my life, career, mothering, and relationships. Whenever I feel scattered and unproductive, it is usually because I haven’t made myself a list of goals, priorities, and tasks. I think this could be the most productive month of your life if you can do just this one thing. Think about the sense of accomplishment you could amaze yourself with on January 1- you’d be happier than a glazed doughnut on the conveyor belt at Krispy Kreme!
Y- YES. My favorite word. Say it- right now. Out loud, just say “Yes.” Feels good doesn’t it? Feels like a box of chocolates right? Who knows what you’re going to get when you just SAY YES?!?! This month, say yes to things you would normally say no to. I’m talking about saying YES the invites to go out and do things you’ve been afraid to do. I’m talking about saying YES to compliments that people give to you. Say YES to that thing you’ve wanted to buy for yourself. Say YES to the conversation you’ve been meaning to have. Say YES to the thing you know you’re going to eventually say YES to, but you’re putting it off because you’re scared. Say YES to new confidence. Say YES to new ideas. Sign up for the class, plan the trip, wear the outfit, (you know the one!) put yourself out there like you never have before. Because one thing is for sure, as we wrap up the past- there are sure to be new opportunities and adventures waiting for you to finally say YES to. And I know that 2017 is a door to new better and greater things that you will definitely want to say YES to. Mmmmmm such a yummy little bag of goodies here, right?!?!?!?

I want you all to know that I think about you. I consider you. I ask myself constantly what you need and what I can give to you. I also want you to know that I don't give you advice that I myself am not willing to try. Every single item on this list is something I'm implementing in my own life-- I am on this journey with you! 
I hope that you will say YES to my CANDY and make this month remarkable for yourself. Enjoy this time of sweet goodbyes. Honor the closing of this chapter by giving it the best goodbye tour your life has ever seen. Really make it special, yummy, juicy, and satisfying. Then when our new chapter begins on January 1st, I have no doubt that we’ll all be ready with big happy childlike wonder and chocolate smeared all over our face from celebrating what was, what has been, and what will never be again.
So much love, angel blessings, and all that good stuff!