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Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Spiritual Side of Healthy Eating

Some of you already know this, but my education is actually in nutrition. I did nutritional counseling for over a decade and owned a health clinic for a number of years until I got really burned out on talking about food. Several years later, I'm finally ready to address food issues with my clients again. However, my take on diet and nutrition is much different now through the perspective of living a mystical life. Being at war with your dinner plate has no room within a peaceful lifestyle. As a nutritionist, my advice used to be based on body types, testing, medical issues, and mostly for the purpose losing weight. Today I am more interested in how you want to feel about your food.

Deprivation is a horrible feeling. But so is gluttony. Being at war with sugar, caffeine, gluten, fat, meat, or any other food group has never led anyone to make better long term choices. But it has created unnecessary guilt and addictive behavior. If I were to have a conversation around diet with you, the first thing I would ask you is what is your relationship to food in general? Is it a love/hate relationship? Is it confusing? Do you feel that eating is kindness towards your body or a bother? Does food attack your body making you fat or is it nourishing? Is food medicine or your enemy? As I have had the opportunity to walk around the entire subject of diet and nutrition, from the medical perspective, to a salesmans perspective, and into a spiritual perspective, I am convinced that your relationship to food must heal before you can make any long term healthy changes. This might include forgiving yourself for any self abuse that has happened regarding food including shaming yourself, starving, or binge eating your feelings. 

The life of a mystic requires that you heal your relationship to all things. We talk about healing your thoughts. This includes your current perspectives on food. I address this subject at length in my 6 Week Mentorship and it tends to promote beautiful personal breakthroughs resulting in a healthy body weight and radiance. Now that's magic! Your body is an amazing mammal, deserving of all of the love and care you would give any animal you tended to. By healing the way you feel about food, you will be able give your precious body what it needs without issue. 

Friday, September 28, 2018


Stepping out of the "norm" and doing things that your friends and family wouldn't understand takes a lot of bravery. The call into mysticism is both undeniable and confusing. You feel inside of your heart that you have a greater purpose than what life has offered you thus far. But the rest of the world tells you it is crazy to follow your intuition rather than tradition. The call into mysticism is often times a call for healing. Perhaps you have been through something that has created a pain that can only be healed by the one who Created you. Therapists, religions, diets, books, seminars- these things seem to help everyone but you. That is because your path is leading you away from the crowd for a "one on one" kind of restoration.

Mystics will feel restless and nothing of the world will satisfy them until they answer the calling.

She reverently bows to her own personal journey knowing that the peace she has sought in groups awaits her in solace and silence. Everything will look different as she begins to see the world through eyes of Love. Everything will sound different as she begins to hear the world through ears of Love. And as her precious heart heals, she begins to Love the world in a very deep and mystical way. 

This is the path of the mystic; the fading back into the Love you came from. Eventually it doesn't matter what others think because it becomes evident you are simply yet importantly here to serve. You begin to understand that everyone will have their opportunity to leave the herd- you were just among the first to go.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

You Are Intuitive

Have you ever been driving down the freeway and had a feeling to get off on an exit you normally wouldn't take? But then because it didn't make sense, you stayed on the freeway and ended up in really bad traffic? Situations like these happen all of the time. We talk ourselves out of small messages throughout the day and are left shaking our heads saying, "I knew it." 

We tend to think that intuitive messages only come for life's big issues. However, when you are fine tuned, you will hear guidance throughout the day even regarding the seemingly small things. You see, your angels really want you to feel peaceful. They know that being in traffic, or having to wait in line, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time will stress you out. So they take these little directions very serious. They know that when you follow step by step guidance, that you will be led through a day of grace and ease. An accumulation of those types of days will eventually lead you into synchronicity and all sorts of fun magical circumstances. 

The truth is that you don't have to be a big time psychic healer to receive these messages. You are intuitive. Intuition is like a muscle- everyone has it. You can strengthen your intuitive muscle by starting to follow it- even if it doesn't always make sense. That way, instead of being the person who is shaking their head saying, "I knew it." You can be the peaceful person nodding their head saying "I did it." 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Keep Going. (Quote by S.C. Lourie.)

Just wanted to share one of my favorite quotes paired with one of my favorite photos from my recent photo shoot.
"I Think it Feels Hard Right Now because You have Stopped Settling. So the Hard isnt Bad. The Hard is a Sign that You are
Accessing Your Warrior Blood. You are Finding Your Power Again. You are Realizing Your Worth. You are Fighting for Your Aliveness. Rather than just Staying Lost in Numb, in Shock, in Compromise, in Wishing Your Life Away.
And that is Heroic, Darling.
That is the Mark of Brave.
Keep going. Remember, Standing Up for Your Right to Feel Alive is Standing Up for Everyone's Right to Feel Alive."
~ S.C. Lourie

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Silent Letting Go

It's a quiet release. Personal, internal, private. It is a silent letting go. No arguments, no big announcements. It is your exhale- a sigh of relief as you gracefully move out of toxicity. A sweet goodbye. A bittersweet step into the unknown. An inner transformation that no one else can see... for now.
Your best kept secret held safe in your lovely heart. Doing the right thing for yourself regardless of the world around you is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you. And you do it because of love, and because where you are going,  you cannot take the toxic with you.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mystical ADD

Throughout my journey into mysticism, it has been brought to my attention millions of times how often my focus is pulled away from feeling centered. That is simply just world we live in. It's important to realize that distractions are normal so that we can learn how to refocus. It seems that the closer we get to having a clear breakthrough or epiphany, the distractions become louder. I call this phenomenon "Spiritual ADD." This is not referring to the medical diagnosis often given to unfocused children, rather this a spiritual diagnosis that stands for Addiction, Drama, Distraction. We often face one or all of these three issues as we get closer to our goals, dreams, and connection to our Creator. When you are able to realize what is really going on, you can "medicate" the ADD with meditation. Meditation seems to be the easiest, least expensive, and most effective way to draw your focus back onto your spiritual journey and detach from outer distractions. Realizing that the ADD is put before you on your path to stop and detour you, you can easily not take it as seriously and move through it with grace and ease. This is the work of the mystic as she travels fearlessly forward towards her calling. Refocus each time. Breathe. Remember who you are and WHO is calling you and you'll be back on track before you know it. Sending you love always. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Your Quirks are Your Gifts.

I was in 6th grade, living in Morocco, my teacher was Canadian and he sat at the head of a classroom filled with  a small intimate group of kids from all different backgrounds, mostly Muslim, having a conversation that would have put "Dead Poets Society" to shame. In fact, if I remember correctly my teacher kind of looked like Robin Williams. I remember the horrified looks on the faces of the students when he asked us to admit something we didn't particularly like about ourselves- that we thought was odd or different. Then he had us all go around and tell that student why that odd thing was awesome. It was a long time ago, but I do remember some of the students becoming emotional as they heard from the outside perspective that their oddity could actually be a strength. My insecurity at the time was that I was the only one non fluent in French or Arabic- the two other strong languages that influenced my school. I remember quietly admitting that many times I felt lost and alone because of the language barrier. It made me feel like an outcast, and sometimes without meaning to, the kids would overlook me because I couldn't communicate. I don't remember all of the feedback, but I do remember one girl, she had a thick Hindi accent as she told me that because I could not understand in words what everyone was saying all of the time, I was learning how to observe other ways of communication. She was right, from a young age (I had lived overseas from the time I was 4 years old) I learned how to read body language, voice tones, eye expression, and energy in order to survive and communicate. The one thing that made me the most insecure growing up had actually made me a very precise observer. It's from that insecurity that I began to develop my intuition and become the strong mystic that I am today.

Like you, I've spent most of my life feeling different, odd, and outside of the social norm. Sometimes I felt like hiding, blending in, and covering up. Those were the times when I felt the most uncomfortable, sad, dark and depressed. Even though it's scary to shine your light, it just naturally feels better. It is a relief when you find the benefit of being odd. Over the past 20 years of doing readings, I've come to realize that everyone has their quirks, and whenever they are embraced, it can actually give clues into a life purpose. Ask yourself what is the one thing that makes you most insecure? What has the oddity taught you? What strength did you have to develop because of it? By acknowledging, accepting, and using your quirkiness, you could very easily be lead onto a beautiful life journey meant just for you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Return

Once again, I find myself sitting in front of a blank screen with nothing to write. I'm not surprised. Writers block is not an unknown territory for me. In fact I've become accustomed- almost expecting it. For almost two years, I have been sitting on my second book, "What Would Goddess Do?" For the past year I have ignored this blog. I've questioned whether or not I am even a writer, or if my creative flow has permanently turned off . More times than not, my inspiration for writing eludes me, leaving me barren, empty, and thoughtless. It's been a confusing couple of years when it comes to my creativity and this blank screen has been a bright black whole of frustration, embarrassment, and shame.

But then come these moments. Small, sweet, sparkly moments of seeming magic that find me in the midst of an exhale, or in sunbeams between leaves while walking through a forest. For the past few months now I feel something calling me back into myself, my sweet joyful, playful self. I have followed this call even though it has made no logical sense at all. I spent the entire summer traveling, trying new foods, moving my body in new ways like learning Tango, Tribal Belly Dancing, Aireal Yoga, paddle boarding, and more.

I dedicated this summer to chasing the feeling of JOY. For the first time of my life I found myself single and able to do things I have never had the opportunity to do. My kids are older, I am wiser, and manically trying new things seemed to be a better option than a having a pre-midlife crisis. The lesson at the end of the day was always that in finding my joy, I was finding my passion for life again, my connection to the Divine, and therefore my will to create. At first it seemed really petty and irresponsible to do all of the things I was doing and spend so much time "just having fun." It was hard to justify becoming so happy when I thought I was supposed to be at home stressing out over finances and the weight of being a single mother all alone in a great big world. That is until I started really exploring this great big world. You know what? It's not so bad. It's actually a blast. And you know what follows joy? Money. Success. Beauty. Companionship. And a whole bunch of other stuff that is freaking amazing. Who knew? I thought joy came after all the hard work had been done in a retirement home at 80 years old surrounded by my legacy and posterity. But I found that by following the feeling of joy NOW, it was the other way around. This summer I have been the most successful in my career than I have ever been. And I am having the time of my life. If I could sum up this entire year, it would be that "success follows joy." 

And then there is this deck of cards (The Modern Mystic Tarot that you see me using on my weekly Facebook Live). I am attempting to manufacture, print, and eventually teach a whole new way of reading Tarot. The slowest project of my life! To those of you who have been waiting and cheering me on from the sidelines, you  have no idea how much your interest, excitement, and anticipation helps me. You are the reason I've come this far with it. I can't wait to have the deck in your hands!

In fact, you- yes YOU, reading this right now have become my greatest driving force. The messages you send me leave me feeling like I really do have a purpose in this world. Like everything I've been through has been for a greater reason. That up until now, life has been deepening me, expanding me, widening me, and guiding me through a mystical journey so that I could be someone who helps others through it. Your journey brings me joy because I know the outcome. You're going to be okay. I say that confidently because if I can journey onward through my own hell, so can you. In fact, let's do it together. 

As the words have finally flowed from my heart and onto this page, I think about what the future is for this blog. I am a modern mystic who has a message. It's a message from my own journey which might be very similar to yours and if it's not, my hope is that it still inspire you. If you are feeling the calling into spirituality, trust me when I say that it is indeed a calling into your joy. Go where you feel the relief from your burdens, go where you feel the most loved. Let your inner mystic guide you. I'll meet you here and we'll talk about it. I'll see you soon.