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Monday, June 26, 2017

Divine Timing

There is a phrase I use in my book "What Would Angels Do?" that says Patience is Pretty. I coined that phrase while standing in a supermarket line noticing a very impatient customer who eventually lost his mind and started making a scene about how long it was taking to purchase his items. His fit was not unlike the babies and children in line who had also lost patience and were starting to whine and cry with boredom. I realized that the things we do while feeling impatient lead us to do some ugly things. Not just in lines and traffic, but in life as well.

Have you ever given up on a project or a dream because it was taking so long you decided it would never happen? Or have you ever felt that God wasn't listening to your prayers because your requests for help or guidance seemed never to come to pass? Throwing in the towel, walking away, and quitting because you are feeling impatient, ignored, frustrated, and fed up are natural feelings. However those who believe in Divine Timing are more prone to stick it out and witness their miracle.

Divine Timing is the understanding that this universe has a rhythm and cycle that comes at us in waves. Just because you have your surfboard out and you are ready to ride that wave, doesn't mean that one is going to come right now. Life requires patience and faith. Patience is actually something I believe we are all here to master. It is a sign of emotional maturity and a high level of self development. In today's meditation, we are rededicating ourselves to our dreams, we are asking for patience and strength. We are realigning to the truth that God is moving mountains and oceans to bring you the best- and very often this takes time. With a smile on your face, choose to be pretty, choose to stay in faith, to master patience, and to wait for Divine Timing to produce miracles in your life!


Monday, June 12, 2017


Whether or not you have ever experienced yourself in a creative flow, you ARE creative. Made in the image of the ultimate Creator, you have within you what it takes to create your dream life. No, you may not paint like Monet, you may not dance like Michael Jackson, and your voice might scare children. No matter- we aren't talking about talents today. We are talking about the creative force that everyone has access to. It is our birthright to express our creativity. When recognized and harnessed, this creative force can be utilized to create good in your life and the world around you. Let's tap in, shall we? Enjoy today's Monday Meditation.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Clear Yourself

We all accumulate negative energies throughout the days, weeks, and months. Just like we can accumulate germs that eventually make us sick if we don't wash our hands or clean ourselves, negative energies can become toxic over time if we don't wash our energy. Think of a whale in the ocean. Over time of being in the salty sea, they begin to develop barnacles that weigh them down. In fact, researchers have found some whales to carry thousands of pounds of barnacles at a time! Have you ever felt like you were carrying a thousand pounds of stress and negativity? If you have, you definitely want to watch today's meditation.

Researchers also report that when whales migrate back to their breeding grounds, that the barnacles are removed by other parasites that live in their home area, making them feel lighter. This could be a metaphor for meditation, when we experience that calm sense of "home," we are able to shed the heaviness.

I spend a lot of time teaching people how to clear negative energy in my 6 Week Clarity Mentorship. For me, this is the foundation of your spiritual practice. Without the ability to clear away the darkness, it is often hard to really hear divine guidance and direction. That is why I believe there are so many ways you can clear yourself. Meditation is just one of many. Enjoy the clearing!

Watch The Video HERE