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Monday, July 31, 2017

Dream Bigger

Today you are taking fearless action by listening to the deep desires of your heart, remembering that God put those desires there. There are many reasons why we don't take the time to listen to our hearts desires. The biggest perhaps being the fear of disappointment if they do not come true. So we settle for living small and underneath our potential. Today I ask, are you settling for too little? Are you convinced that you are limited in some way? When Gods Universe brings you opportunities, do you step out boldly in faith, expecting the best or do you shrink back in fear convinced you are unqualified, not ready, or not good enough? In our meditation today, we are remembering that God is ever expansive and always creating. He will always be putting new ideas, desires, and dreams into your heart. He will always bring you new opportunities. Will you listen to His beckoning or to your excuses to stay stuck where you are?

One thing is for sure, once you dare to listen to your heart and hear it's deep longings, it will almost be impossible to not follow it into the life you were born to live. Are you ready?

View the meditation HERE